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Qotob, Qutb, Qutub, Kutb, Kutub, or Kotb (Arabic: قطب‎‎), means 'axis', 'pivot' or 'pole'.

Qutb can refer to celestial movements and used as an astronomical term or a spiritual symbol. In Sufism, a Qutb is the perfect human being, al-insān al-kāmil (The Universal Man), who leads the saintly hierarchy.


Qotob project is the musical vessel of cellist Bassel Abou Fakher, a guiding force in his journey, from East to West, from Damascus to Brussels. In its first incarnation Qotob project was the collaboration between Maher Khoddor (zither), Michael Khayat (percussion), Milad Khawam (trumpet) and Bassel. The result of their collaboration is documented in their self-titled album, a compilation of five compositions, that balance between eastern traditional themes and contemporary jazz forms


Some years and a war later, Bassel finds himself in Brussels, where he very soon creates a network of local musicians to collaborate with, under the same name. More than just a band, a trio or a quartet, Bassel considers Qotob Project as a platform, a pole, a point of reference for musicians to meet and communicate through music.